If there has ever been a problem with playing video games, it has definitely been the cost of buying or renting games to keep up with the new systems and the new trends. There is an easy way to solve this problem and it is to MOD your PS3.

The key factors to MODing your PS3 is simple. First, create a file on your junk drive so that you can transport this later to your PS3 for download and install. Put it under PS3 or something that you’ll remember where the file is. Second you need to download the file, and file name from a .dmb file to a .exe file.

Once you have it on the junk drive go over to your PS3 and go into your System Settings and select Install OS. When you get there, plug in your junk drive and follow the instructions on the screen. The whole process will probably take over 20 minutes. But once you have the full setup done, make sure you pick that you want to start your PS3 with the Other OS, and reset your system. Once the system reboots, the logos and everything will be the same, but you will now have a new icon under your settings. You can rename this and call it whatever you’d like, but this is where you are going to burn your games onto the hard drive.

After you have a game on the hard drive, go back to your Saved File Data and look for the game you just put on your hard drive, and start playing. Certain games need their settings changed before startup, so make sure you do that before you start.


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